Wearing Paper

Wearing Paper

May 10th, 2010

At that certain street corner where truth and fantasy intersect there are quite a few people who make clothing and footwear out of, well  paper. Sometimes these are meant to be worn (I think) . Such as these marvelous outfits by Japanese Brazilian visionary Jum Nakao—where you finally get hair like a lego girl.



and then there are others equally wonderful that would seem to be hard to actually put on like well these shoes by Violise Lunn who does make wearable clothes out of paper, but I don’t know these don’t seem all that practical This one by Susan Stockwell which is paper and wire seems a little iffy, I’m just not sure whether you could or you couldn’t

Any minute now the winner of this year’s toilet paper wedding dress will be announced. And these are for wearing. No, I’m serious and you would be proud to be seen in one. By next April perhaps you will have concocted an entry. The winner gets a thousand dollars. Here’s what you need to know  wedding-contest-2010.html .  But let’s consider some options. There’s pretending you aren’t making it out of toilet paper for example like this But if you start to show off too much like here with the basketweave top you begin to give it away. Or maybe you don’t care in which case you might as well really get into the medium, really run with the possibilities such as for example something like this where it looks like some chunks have been suggestively pulled off. This one even has the flowers as well. Not too shabby–right? So anyway now you can begin to consider your options. As a paper cutter I will be in the front row applauding when you win. Bravo.