Ordering A Silhouette Portrait

Ordering a Silhouette Portrait

December 2nd, 2009

YES I can cut a beautiful portrait (from thick black homemade paper) of your child or your honey, your mother or your dog WITH A ONE WEEK TURN AROUND IN DECEMBER. (Usually it takes two or three.)

(Right now I am working on this cat whose name is Scratchy—talk about a challenge.)



In the ideal world I  like to meet the subject for twenty minutes, make some sketches, and take some photographs. I can also do very good work from jpegs.

HOW MUCH DO THEY COST? $390 buys you one cut out portrait that will fit a standard (8 by 10)frame.   Multiples of one image (either as a cut outs or a high quality print) are discounted from that. You can also get way bigger and teensy weensy which can be very cool.

IS FRAMING AVAILABLE? Yes with all kinds of options. One popular way to go is the black “glass sandwich” frame. Another possibility is to mount the silhouette on cream paper and have the name written next to it with a dip pen in black ink.

OKAY SO WHAT IS THE FIRST STEP? Press that beige button at the right and let’s get started or contact Brooklyn Mercantile