Delicious Fan Letter

Delicious Fan Letter

December 3rd, 2009

Thank you Tabitha for this lovely piece of encouragement which came as I was pounding out the next book (pounding?) And thank you for giving me permission to post it here.

Hello Barbara,
We corresponded a while back when my daughter Ivy (9) just loved your book Cinderella. I just wanted to let you know, my younger daughter, Willow (7), just finished reading it last night (did it in 2 days she was so hooked!) & was all smiles. She brought it to school today to (hopefully) read some to her class. Loved it! Next she’ll read Thumbelina…

We are awaiting your next project with anticipation! Saw the new website (I have to say I did love the old one, but I’ll adjust). Love the art… it’s just great & so “Matisse”, who is my personal fave.

Anyway, fab reviews once again here & here’s to the next great book!