Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

December 1st, 2009

Of course I have a tendency to look for outlines.

So as I kept seeing more and more I thought maybe I was just getting better at seeing. Everywhere I looked I saw cut paper and silhouettes. It wasn’t just Kara Walker and those Gap Ads for Ipods.

It was suddenly a silhouetted world.

Look over there!

Which can be fun

and kind of strange

and even a little spooky

I was happy to see my books for sale at the Museum of Art and Design in conjunction with the terrific SLASH exhibit

and it’s really nice to be linked to on Elsita’s amazing all about papercutting blog.

When I first came across it

I remember being a little dumbfounded. But those days are over. Now I have begun to understand. It is just one big paper cut up world.

Rob Ryan’s work is wonderful.

But you really can’t go wrong

as so many cultures have discovered.